Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thomas Jefferson & a NYC city girl inspire me

Thomas Jefferson was in this club that basically worked for the betterment of him & his other members. They came up these "Rules of Conduct" which really means life rules. These were things that they aspired to live by. I somehow found my way to a book with a very similar concept. But written by a woman. Who was juggling marriage, career, kids & all the guilt that comes along with it. Her name was Gretchen Rubin and her book, The Happiness Project began to alter my perceptions.

Her other books included a biography on JFK. She is a writer but also extremely analytical & inquisitive. She decided to spend a year finding all there was to know about happiness. She researched & planned.  Then she devised a pretty simple plan to create her own life rules ("just be Gretchen" being one of my favorites) & a monthly themed area of her life that she wanted to change/improve. I love practical self help stuff. Her book is very straight forward and provides step by step ways to make your life, happier.

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