Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our 1st Big City Farmers Market - Philly here we come

I grew up in Texas around a bunch of cowboys. My cousins and most of the family lived there while my parents raised us in Las Vegas. Two different worlds that would collide each summer when I would return home & sure enough be ridiculed for some city-ish thing I either did, bought, wanted or thought. So as I was pulling out of the driveway with my husband, daughter & 4 month old baby, I couldn't help but hear a little country voice saying, "Your gonna drive all the way to Philadelphia just to buy some groceries?".
Yes. We were. First on my list, snap a photo of where we parked.
We happened to come across a cup cakery on the way.

Patrick & Mae enjoyed the day walking together & kept forgetting to help me carry Hudson's stroller over the puddles.
The market is in an old train station & we happened to visit during the opening day of The Flower Show.This meant lots of crowds & waiting in line for over an hour for lunch.

Cute picture minus the ugly trash can. There was tons of fresh produce though & lots more good stuff.

Organic bakery inside the market aptly called "The Flying Monkey". Way cute place with all kinds of organic sweets! We already had our sweet quota so we just looked & dreamed.
Next up was a great little Farm Fresh Shop full of all kinds of fresh cheeses, meats, produce & breads.

Yes we had to buy the organic milk in the glass bottles. Later in the week we kept the bottles and poured our store bought organic milk back into the bottles. 

We laughed all the way back to car in the rain and drove around downtown to see a few sights.

These are the famous "Rocky" steps. Trust me. Trying to take photos while driving stick shift in the rain is not so great.

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