Saturday, March 12, 2011

The cost of cheap convenience

If you have not seen this movie yet then go watch it. NOW. If you don't have Netflix then sign up for a free trial & watch this film. This will shock you out of this world of craziness & lies that most Americans live in. We have been sold this sub par way of living that says,
 "Hey hard working American person, you deserve cheap convenience. You keep working hard & we will worry about the details in getting you all that cheap convenience. What we wont tell you is that while your Wal Mart grocery bill saves your family $50 each visit, you are buying food that has been genetically altered, pumped full of chemicals & produced by really poor and or immigrant workers & made by giant corporations that are creating a monopoly of the food industry.  Oh lets not forget how great chemical filled food really tastes, as if you would know.
  And with that $50 saving you are helping 5 corporations that control the worlds food supply make billions & do whatever they want to your food, oh, and you are putting thousands of farmers, small businesses and countless communities out of existence.
 When your son is diagnosed with ADHD or your 8 year old daughter gets her period or you get breast cancer, it will have absolutely nothing to do with all these chemical we use. When your friends begin to loose their jobs cause big box retailers are trying to become everything or you watch your sister struggle with fertility or an aunt join the club of most obese nation, we will of had nothing to do with that. There are hardly no studies to support that we do anything wrong, and if they do exists its just from a bunch of liberals trying to control your freedom.
 That's what the FDA is for, to protect your rights, and no it is pure coincidence that the same people that run the FDA use to work for giant food companies & own stock in those companies. You just keep on saving that $50 and believe that organic food which really means "made from farmers free of chemical" is for hippies in places like Seattle & Southern California. Like I said, watch this film.

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