Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buying real milk from real cows on a real farm.

 We took a 30 minute drive to check out a non-profit historical farm estate I discovered online. I was going to buy organic dairy & learn about a new local farm, but my real reason was to see the green house. When I clicked on their website & saw the very first photo of the green house, my jaw literally dropped. It is this beautiful intricate structure made of glass and painted white wood and reminds me of Paris.
  The Lands at Hillside Farms is a 412-acre, non-profit educational sustainable dairy farm and is in fact the last remaining processing dairy farm in Luzerne County. We tried the ice cream, which was phenomenal and baked in home made cones. 

We shopped in their little store for 8 variations of milk, including strawberry & chocolate, butter, sour cream & cheese. All of the dairy is made at the farm & is rBGH free. If you don't know what rBGH is then here's the very simple version;

  • It's an artificial growth hormone that is pumped into cows to get more milk so companies can make more money. 
  • RBGH creates IGF in our bodies & IGF helps form tumours, increase risk of breast, colon & prostate cancer. 
  • The FDA says it won't do you any harm but most of the people that work for the FDA use to work for the big corporation, Monsanto that makes the drug. 
  • There is no need for the chemical other than money. The US has more milk than it can handle. So much so that the government has to buy up the surplus to keep the price from dropping.
  • The company that makes this hormone, Monsanto, is called "the Mafia" in most farm communities cause they sue farmers, force legislation & are currently on the fast track to control the entire US food supply. Oh, and they made Agent Orange back in the day.

The glass milk containers require a $1.50 deposit. That's so inconvenient and expensive, right? It can't be as inconvenient and expensive as chemo though.

Their Mission Statement: (I Love This)
The Lands at Hillside Farms is a non-profit, regional educational center and historic farm estate. Our dedicated mission is to present aspects and benefits of the region's land, history and promotion of lifestyle choices which are healthy, conservation-minded and practical. Each mission component will be demonstrated through family-friendly educational programs, sustainable agricultural activities and living.
Check out their website, make a donation or go get some ice cream! Go to The Lands at Hillside Farms.

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