Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things my mother taught me

It's nearly 8 am on mothers day & all way in Los Angeles my mom is still sleeping. Like most holidays, I miss her. She gives good advice & is always searching for something to make/get in to/dream up or laugh about. This picture says it all.
The best way to describe my mom is exciting. She loves being excited & finding ways to get others excited.
In honor of her, here are a few things she has passed onto me.

1. Always make sure your hair looks good. No pony tails!
2. Be sure & wear good panties in case you are in an accident & the paramedics end up seeing them. (God Forbid)
3. Say "God Forbid" after saying anything potentially bad.
4. Someone can always say yes, keep asking until you find them.
5. You can travel anywhere in the world with the contents of one well packed Louis Vuitton carry on.
6. Blue eye shadow makes my eyes look pretty.
7. Thanksgiving mornings should always begin with a parade. Forced viewing is mandatory.
8. Sugar cookie baking is an art form.
9. Laughter is the greatest remedy to lives ails.
10. Hard work trumps mostly everything.
11. If your going to do something, do it all the way.
12. Andy Warhol was a genius.
13. Good BBQ sauce requires a little beer.
14. Be kind to old ladies, you never know who's mother they are.
15. Don't procrastinate.
16. Texas 2 stepping is a well refined talent.
17. When twirling batons with fire, be sure your mom makes you a rhinestone cape.
18. Jackie O was the only great first lady.
19. Never break a child's spirit.
20. If you don't know how to do something, figure it out.
21. The best things in life are yours for the taking.
22. Coco Chanel is by far, the best designer.
23. Advice should be served like a good drink, straight up.
24. Never book a hotel without seeing photos.
25. Christmas is a big deal, make it one.
25. A good handbag can open more doors than a resume.
26. Fake it 'till you make it.
27. Try anything at least once.
28. Never stand down to a bully.
29. Fight for what you want.
30. Protect the ones you love.
31. Theres no crying in design. Even Marla.
32. Sparkly shoes can convert anyone to do anything.
33. Be kind to foreigners & always ask in an interesting tone, "where are you from"
34. Watermelons need to be thumped before purchased.
35. Good guacamole needs woorshtershire sauce.
36. Always ask, the worst you will get is a no.
37. Drive through's always forget the ketchup, ask for it.
38. Crushed ice makes anything taste better.
39. Act like you own the room.
40. Don't limit yourself.
41. God is love, not scary.
42. Vote republican, they care about small business.
43. Have no fear.
44. Never pass up a good sale.
45. Be generous with your time & money.
46. What goes around comes around.
47. Keeney Chesney is the greatest singer on the planet.
48. Marriage is tough, be kind.
49. Be your child's greatest fan, they will surely find their adversaries along the way.
50. Always remember Nanny, most of our common sense & seeds of joy started with her.

I could spend hours doing this. My mom has taught me more than I think I have the sense to do with. Above all, she has been my greatest fan. Her mother passed away 10 years ago & I can only imagine how much she misses her today. But they were both cut from the same cloth & that same spark that Nanny had, so does mom. My grandmother said to me once, "I believe in you". My mom says that to me all the time. Both of those crazy women knew that the greatest gift you can give a child is absolute certainty.
Happy mothers day mom. I love you.

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